PLN Group

A revolution in modular furniture design.

Keystone is a uniquely reconfigurable system which supports modern work practices with unparalleled acoustic properties.

Building on PLN Group's successful series of acoustic pods, Keystone: is another step forward in modular furniture due to its innovative, reconfigurable design. As its name suggests, Keystone: offers you a central, foundational system which provides support for the entire office.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Keystone: Entree Lounge and Deugstation workstation combination demonstrates the flexibility of the system.

Keystone’s unique design provides superior flexibility and agility.

Change is a guaranteed part of the modern workplace. Whether due to team growth, large-scale organisational restructure or changes to accommodate new styles of working, furniture should be flexible, agile and consider the future.

How it works

It offers users a “kit of parts” – an inventory of interchangeable components which can be combined and reconfigured into various settings - adapting to evolving needs with minimal investment.

Parts can be combined into various settings which can be reconfigured as needs require.


Add and remove parts to create different solutions according to user requirements.

Traditional office furniture can be limiting. A single item of furniture is used for a single purpose. With Keystone, however, a focus pod can be reconfigured to be a sofa or a collaborative setting offering a unique, multi-functional user experience.


Due to its inherent modular design, Keystone is scalable, allowing users the ability to future proof offices without setting the arrangements in stone. Our patented joining system makes this a relatively simple process too. This offers users the ability to scale up and down with shifts in staff or changes to office space or location.


Future Proof

Keystone adapts to evolving needs by scaling up or down with shifts in staff or location.

Cost Saving

Keystone's shared wall system, reconfigurable design and sturdy construction saves you money in the long run.

Superior Acoustics

World-leading nanofibre technology offers superior acoustic performance and minimises noise and distractions for users.


Eco-friendly materials and manufactured under a robust Environmental Management System (EMS), Keystone's modular pieces nest for more compact shipping.


Keystone utilises innovative design features including the patented clipping system which connects the walls together.

Quality Manufacturing

Peace of mind investment in a well-made product constructed of high-quality, low VOC materials that are durable for frequent reconfiguration.

Take your pick

Choose from 23 standard settings. From work pods to collaborative meeting spaces to lounge seating.

Or assemble elements into unique combinations which work for your own staff and floor plan.

Here are just some of the standard settings to whet your appetite:

Personal Lounge | Keystone Private Diner for Two | Private Diner for Two Plus | Keystone: Private Diner for Four | Keystone Private Diner for Four Plus | Degustation Lounge | Degustation Task | Petit Four | Banquet Corner | Banquet Plus | Table for One | Picnic Bench | Picnic Table | Slice

Have your own idea for a setting? Contact our team to discuss.