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We believe in supporting an enhanced life through original thought and design.

Welcome! We're a group of agile innovators and incubators of new ideas and solutions based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We think, solve and craft to create products that improve the spaces you live and work in.

An Enhanced Life

The world is already crowded with the output from thousands of production lines; we don’t want to make just another piece of furniture.

What motivates each of us here at PLN Group is the opportunity to create solutions that enhance the spaces you work and live in.

Original Thought and Design

As a global organisation, our designers’ perspective is informed by international research – aiming to anticipate needs before the market even knows they exist.

We work to understand your world – current issues and future trends – and use design and original thought to translate these into solutions that enhance your life.

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A Range of Solutions

Our products include soft and hard furniture, lighting, acoustic solutions, nanofibre, air filtration and sensor-based technologies. Designs include:

  • Acoustic lights that increase productivity and improve wellbeing by reducing noise in the workplace.
  • Collaborative seating that enables agile learning and creativity in learning environments.
  • Flexible, reconfigurable furniture systems that allow you to adapt to change and future proof your floorplates.
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By researching factors that influence you and your environment, we're able to anticipate your needs and design solutions to allow you to adapt and thrive.

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