We innovate to create improvement.

Innovation sees us creating solutions by applying advanced materials or technology in unexpected ways.

To us, innovation means viewing a problem in its simplest form and finding new and creative ways to address it, unencumbered by conventional thinking.

Putting your needs at the fore, we look for original ways to solve your problems and overcome your challenges.

From the ever-changing landscape of the workplace and education environments to the role our homes play in nurturing us, fresh thinking can bring improvement and aid adaptation to our environment. We are world leading innovators in the field of acoustic solutions. Our designs have achieved success for our clients in improving productivity and wellbeing in their workplaces and interiors.

With many awards and patents granted already throughout our operations, our design program has explored advanced materials, hardware and software technologies and new mechanical processes in the manufacture of our portfolio.

Innovation sees us creating solutions by applying advanced materials or technology in unexpected ways.

Callaghan Innovation Grant

We are fortunate recipients of a Callaghan Innovation Grant allowing us to further develop products using nanotechnology and continue our research into innovative workplace solutions.

This grant recognises our investment in, and commitment to, research and development as a means to identify and create solutions for our clients.

World-Leading Acoustic Performance

We are design leaders in the field of acoustics and in collaborative and flexible furniture systems – focusing on outcomes of increasing productivity and well being.

Our quest for innovation led us to partner with forward thinkers Revolution Fibres who developed Phonix nanofibre technology.

Many of our office work pods use this world-leading technology as an acoustic substrate which is scientifically proven to help resolve the issues of noise in the open plan office. This enhanced sound absorption cannot be matched by any other manufacturer either in New Zealand or around the globe.

Our award winning Hush acoustic light family provides an innovative solution to addressing sound quality in all interiors where noise is an issue. Hush is currently making a positive difference to wellbeing and productivity in offices, education facilities, health and aged care and hospitality.

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