The award winning Hush acoustic light family is improving wellbeing and productivity in a range of locations around the world.

Focus on Wellbeing

Improving well being is becoming a focus in organisations and businesses. The need to look after employee and client wellness extends beyond improving productivity to attracting and retaining the best people by looking after their well being.

One area that impacts on wellbeing is the level of noise we are exposed to. Acoustics matter: If the sound quality in a space is not managed it can negatively affect stress levels, hearing and overall health.

How does Hush help?
Designed to make a difference everywhere that acoustics and noise quality are a problem, the Hush acoustic light family is currently working hard in locations all across the globe. The lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panels help mitigate the impact of noise in an open-plan environment.

Pictured above are Hush Round in colour 'Zenith' at Sabic America Inc, Houston. Peter Molick Photography.

Hush at Shopify Canada

Ecommerce company Shopify uses multiple Hush Rounds in colour 'Flatiron' in their Ottawa, Canada head quarters.

The brief was for an efficient, collaborative workplace focused not only on productivity, but also on employee health and wellbeing. The many hard surfaces in the offices reflected sound and led them on a search for an acoustic solution.

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Photography: Union Eleven (courtesy of Linebox)

Hush at Allianz Singapore

At global financial services provider Allianz, a breakout area close to workstations uses Hush Round in colour 'Flatiron' to protect nearby workers from excess meeting noise.

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Hush at WantedDesign, US

Design platform WantedDesign uses Hush Round in colour 'Falling Water' in a busy social area to improve the comfort levels of diners.

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Hush at New Zealand Post, Wellington, NZ

New Zealand Post installed multiple Hush Micros and Hush Ovals to create a more comfortable and productive acoustic environment for their team. This will improve employee wellbeing as well as productivity.

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Hush at Young Shand, NZ

Hush Oval in colour 'Flatiron' absorbs sound reverberation from the hard surfaces at NZ brand agency Young Shand. This meeting area is now a more productive and enjoyable place to collaborate.
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Hush at The Langham Hotel Hong Kong

Hush Round features en masse at The Place in the Langham Hotel in Hong Kong. Such a huge open plan venue could be uncomfortably noisy, yet 7 Hush Rounds in colours Pavilion, Savoye and Bosco absorb sound waves and reverberation to make dining a more pleasant experience.

Hush at Xero, NZ

Noisy coffee machines are subdued by this trio of Hush Mini in colour 'Empire' at small-business platform company Xero in Auckland, NZ. Xero believe social areas are important for boosting productivity and morale and encouraging creative collaboration.

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Hush at Europlan, NZ

Commercial furniture company Europlan uses Hush Oval in colour 'Irongate' and Hush Round in colour 'Opera' to manage sound quality in their busy office in Auckland, NZ. Their business focuses on workspace planning to improve productivity and employee experience and their office showcases best of breed solutions.

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Hush at Archipro NZ

Four Hush Rounds in colour 'Savoye' improve the sound quality for employees working in Archipro's Auckland office. The online design platform is located in a beautiful character building with a multitude of hard surfaces.
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