Hush acoustic light enables free-flowing creativity at this dynamic agency.

YoungShand's studio in Britomart's historic district in Auckland.

A dynamic, creative team

When a team of over 50 creative and dynamic professionals share an open plan space, the resulting energy and noise levels are likely to be high.

At award-winning independent creative agency, YoungShand, collaboration via both formal and impromptu meetings is a constant throughout the day.

The historic building which houses the agency has dark timber floors, original brick walls and exposed ceiling beams. The space is largely open plan, with the occasional screen, raised platform or large archway dividing the space into zones.

Those wanting to work quietly and focus on individual tasks can find themselves distracted by sound from adjacent meeting spaces as it reverberates off the hard surfaces.

Hush keeps the noise down

YoungShand have addressed the problem by placing large oval Hush Lights over the long tables in the meeting spaces. These are a cool design feature in the stylishly eclectic headquarters, and simultaneously provide light and absorb sound, reducing the noise from conversations to a low hum.

With noise levels under control, creativity and communication are able to flow freely, resulting in the innovation and excellence that this agency is known for.

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