Acoustic solutions for award-winning Singapore offices.

Hush Round acoustic lights pictured providing noise control.

Prudential Singapore’s “Workplayce”

Prudential Singapore is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore.

Inspired by Albert Einstein’s philosophy that play is the highest form of research, Prudential’s Workplayceintegrates work and play at the office.

The organisation worked with Space Matrix to create an environment for its 1,000 employees that is designed to inspire innovation and build a creative work culture to support the company’s future growth.

More agile and customer focused

The office is an important milestone in Prudential’s ongoing journey to become even more agile and customer-focused.

Workplayce engages employees with activity-based working options and areas for experimentation and exploration of ideas. It also includes social spaces for greater collaboration and connection among colleagues as well as nature-inspired nooks and rest-pods for employees to recharge.

Managing workplace noise

Our partner Haworth Asia-Pacific specified Focus Podsand Hush Lights to assist in providing noise control in the workspace.

The world leading nanofibre in the walls of the Focus Pods helps to absorb sound and create a quiet work environment for those who want to focus on the task at hand.

Quality of sound is managed by the Hush Lights which provide both acoustic coverage and illumination for the groups working beneath them. The lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panels of Hush acoustic lights help mitigate the impact of noise in an open-plan environment. This allows teams to facilitate collaborative opportunities while also aiding individuals to focus – free of distractions.

The office was recently awarded the ‘Best Office Interior: Singapore’ at the 2018 Asia Pacific Property Awards.


Interior Design: Space Matrix

Workplace Furniture Consultants: Haworth Singapore

Photography: Owen Raggett

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