Is your workplace or home too noisy? Hush acoustic lights can help reduce noise and improve the sound quality in your space.

Every day many of us live or work in environments with uncomfortable levels of noise. This can be distracting and irritating. However did you know that excess noise can also increase stress, reduce your productivity and decrease your enjoyment of life?

Fortunately it is possible to manage the acoustics in your environment and improve sound quality without a significant investment in time or money. Acoustics matter and we explain below how the Hush acoustic light family can help reduce noise.

Managing the noise levels

Even if it were possible, it’s not as simple as eliminating all noise in a room. In a very quiet environment concentration can be disturbed by even the slightest noise (think a pin drop!), whereas you can find students studying in the hum of a busy Starbucks. Why is that?
The answer lies in managing the quality of sound.

Acoustics matter

The key isn’t to remove the sound but to reduce its impact. If words can’t be understood, the brain won’t try and focus on comprehending them. Thus it's important to try to manage the way that sound is absorbed in a noisy space. Acoustics, or the quality of sound in a space, is important.

The solution: The Hush acoustic light family

The award winning family of Hush acoustic lights can be hung easily and quickly, providing immediate acoustic treatment to improve sound quality in a room. Hush comes in 4 sizes and 16 colours. Read below to understand how Hush works.

Hush Lights provide acoustic coverage in this open lobby at Methven, New Zealand

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How it works

The Hush family of acoustic lights create a quiet zone by absorbing sound waves in the physical space as well as illuminating the space.

The soft panels trap and absorb certain (mainly mid to high) frequencies of sound as opposed to reflecting them back into the room.

This leaves us with a much more satisfying and comfortable sound level without eliminating noise completely.

Acoustic tests by the University of Canterbury outline how Hush works.

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Hush reduces noise in the open plan office

The number one disruption in an office is speech noise. In addition, the hard, dense surfaces in the modern office often reflect sound and make it appear louder. It can be very difficult to focus when noisy distractions are all around you, and this can reduce your productivity and make you feel irritable.

Hush not only provides light, but also reduces noise, and controls sound and echoes.

Pictured is a call centre agent at Shopify, Ottawa, working under the noise absorbing Hush Round acoustic light.

Interiors: Linebox

Lighting Consultant: Dark Tools

Photography: Union Eleven (courtesy of Linebox)

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Noisy restaurants can be bad for business and our health

In a restaurant, café or bar a pleasant low hum of conversation or mood music is pleasing and adds atmosphere, yet noise above a certain volume can be uncomfortable and irritating.

Studies reveal that excess noise is rated as even more annoying than poor service or substandard food. Patrons are less likely to return to a venue where they don't feel comfortable.

In the hugely competitive hospitality market, every aspect of the diner's experience needs to be considered, and this includes the venue's acoustics.

The Hush Round acoustic light, pictured here en masse at the Langham Hotel in Hong Kong, provides a dramatic and eye-catching treatment for noise.

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Noise in care facilities

Care facilities in healthcare and aged care can accommodate many people in a constant stream of activity, yet quiet areas to rest and recover are essential to quality of life and health.

Hush lights installed in common areas and over patient beds can absorb excess sound and keep speech noise to a low hum.

Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (including 65% post-consumer recycled material) the material is safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergic. Hush is certified low VOC.

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Can students hear themselves think?

Students in modern schools and tertiary facilities are increasingly encouraged to collaborate and work together the way they will when they move into the modern workforce. Yet the need to consolidate knowledge through focused learning means a quiet place to study is also essential.

EF International Language School (left) in Auckland, New Zealand is one example of where Hush lights are currently used to provide a better quality sound experience in the tutorial/break out rooms.

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Noisy family?

In the home, the popularity of polished floors and open plan spaces means that everyday family noise can echo and carry throughout the house. Creating quiet zones is especially necessary in an open plan home.

Hush lights are currently in use in areas such as kitchens and family rooms in homes. The new Hush Micro is a small option, perfect for the residential market, and available in a range of both fun and muted colours.

Hush Micro looks great hung alone, in a row or in clusters.

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The award-winning Hush lights are available in four sizes depending on the size of your space, and can also be hung in multiples for greater acoustic coverage.

16 colour choices are available (view Hush Spec sheets).

From the smallest family member, Hush Micro (E26 light fitting), through to the largest Hush Oval, all four sizes are easy to hang and the larger three sizes are available in either E26 or LED fittings, or as an acoustic hood only without light fittings.

Hush in action

Visit our Solutions section to read more about how Hush lights are currently working hard in offices, restaurants, schools and homes in countries around the world, and in organisations such as Shopify, Prudential, Methven and Xero.

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Hush is available in 4 sizes: