Hush provides quieter breakout spaces in Xero's Auckland offices.

Hush provides acoustic coverage in Xero's new Auckland offices.

A growing company

In 2018, Kiwi-born small business software platform company, Xero, expanded into new Auckland offices - moving to a brand new building, Te Ara Turoa, in Parnell.

The offices accommodate the company’s growing workforce and span two floors and nearly 6,000 square metres.

Approximately 400 Auckland staff members work in this purpose-built, 5 Green Star rated building, which still allows room for the team to grow.

Communal spaces boost productivity

Research is increasingly proving that communal breakout areas, and particularly office kitchens, enable employees to interact and build connections throughout the work day. This in turn fosters a culture of openness and collaboration helping to boost employee motivation and productivity.

Xero has four kitchen spaces spread out between the two floors. Each is fitted out with comfortable breakout seating, bar seating and/or bean bags. Espresso machines create a coffee shop-type feel and enable employees to grab a coffee and or meet with a client or colleague, without leaving the building. There are also social spaces with games tables.

Mitigating the noise of social spaces

PLN Group Hush lights have been placed over each of the four kitchen areas to mitigate the noise created by the activity in these spaces. Without this solution, sound waves created by loud conversations and espresso machines bounce off the hard surfaces and drift through to the open office. This disrupts those team members involved in more focused work. Hush’s soft panels absorb excess sound, keeping the noise to a low-level hum which is less distracting.

Hush lights are also used in the kitchen areas in the Xero offices in Wellington.

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