The Hush Lights are "the first thing that visitors comment on" in Archipro.

Open plan issues

New Zealand-based Archipro provides an online architecture and interiors resource. The Archipro team moved into stylish new premises in a 1930s character building in October 2018. Although they love the polished concrete floors, exposed timber beam ceilings, and brick walls in the open plan space, the acoustics proved a problem. The multitude of hard surfaces reflected sound. The proximity of sales people talking on the phone next to design teams performing quiet, focused work meant that the space was noisy and it was difficult to concentrate.

Hush! Archipro is working…

Traditional acoustic solutions to address noise were expensive and lacked the design appeal Archipro were looking for to complement their fit-out.

PLN Group’s Hush Lights were selected to address these problems. The light-weight panels of Hush reduce reverberation of sound waves and provide noise absorption. As well as offering a more intimate space and softening noise, Hush also provides a source of light. With Hush acoustic lights placed over individual desks and focus work areas, team members are now better able to concentrate and enjoy increased productivity levels.

More than just an acoustic solution

“Hush lights are more than just an acoustic solution. The team loves working under them and we are very pleased with the colour choice. The Hush Lights are the first thing that visitors comment on.” says CEO and founder, Milot Zeqiri.

Spots for focus work

The team at Archipro also use the Return Focus Pod by PLN Group to escape to when they need to work individually without interruption. The walls of the pod include nanofibre to further absorb noise and create a more tranquil work experience.

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