Options for creating a home office that includes visual and acoustic privacy

Sharing your space with others can increase the need for a self contained home office which discourages visual distractions and noise. If you don't have the luxury of a separate room to work in, it's still possible to create an environment that works for you. The following solutions can help you work successfully from home:

Defining a quieter, self contained space

Low walls around a desk can help to delineate a space - keeping the desk top contents and occupant in their own work zone. Walls provide a visual shield from distractions and a feeling of containment. Not only does this signal that you are separate from other activities in that room, but soft upholstered walls absorb sound waves and actually make your self contained setting quieter.

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Turning a quiet spot into a work space

As long as you have a comfortable seat, you also have a potential work space. Add an ergonomically-designed laptop table and work more productively in comfort. A small portable laptop table also offers you the chance to change your work scene by moving to take advantage of natural light, a quieter more private spot, or just a change of view.

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Reducing noise

Noise comes from all angles. How can you create the most comfortable acoustic scenario in your home office? Science shows that using soft surfaces to absorb sound waves helps reduce noise levels. Ideas include:

  • add soft rugs to dampen footsteps on hardwood, concrete or tiled floors
  • pull curtains to exclude sound outside windows
  • use noise cancelling headphones

Headphones don't help when you're taking an important phone call or video meeting. That's when acoustic ceiling treatments or acoustic lights make a real difference. An acoustic light absorbs sound waves as well as delivering illumination, and further defines your space. Acoustic ceiling pendants can create a novel and effective way to absorb sound.

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