Hush Micro

A smaller acoustic light is helping reduce noise

Hush Micro - A perfect fit for your space

New Hush Micro has joined the award winning Hush family of acoustic lights. Hush works double duty to absorb noise and provide illumination.


Hush Micro is smaller and more compact – a perfect fit for your space. The new smaller size (750 diameter x 350 high) allows you to create your own personal Hush zone.

In use

Place over office workstations, dining areas, and in quiet zones. Perfect for absorbing noise in home, office, hospitality, education or care environments.

Group multiple Hush Micro acoustic lights together to create greater acoustic coverage and for design impact.

The new smaller Hush Micro is a very accessible option where you need less acoustic coverage for a smaller space. For larger areas there are 3 bigger Hush acoustic light sizes.

Easy retrofit option

Hush Micro offers an easy, cost effective acoustic solution for retrofit into existing spaces due to its more compact size and a standard E26 fitting.

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How does Hush work?

Hush Micro is a light, an intimate space, and an acoustic device. Hush is scientifically proven to significantly reduce reverberated noise creating a more comfortable and productive environment.

Hard, dense surfaces (glass, concrete, etc) in modern offices, homes and restaurants often reflect sound and make it appear louder. Open plan spaces allow noise to travel.

Hush’s lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panels soften sound and reduce reverberations through the absorption of certain frequencies (mainly mid to higher frequencies - which includes speech), which then leave a room with a much more comfortable sound level without eliminating noise completely.

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More about Hush Micro


Hush Micro has an E26 fitting for a standard E26 bulb and is available in 17 colours. Hush works double duty to provide both acoustic coverage and illumination.

Hush acoustic lights are also available in larger sizes as Hush Mini, Hush Round and Hush Oval. These sizes also offer an LED option or a hood only (no lamps) option.


The Hush family of acoustic lights is designed in New Zealand by PLN Group in association with David Trubridge Design Studio and is also New Zealand-made.

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Sustainable design

Hush follows sustainable design principles. The entire Hush Family, including Hush Micro, carries the Declare label and is manufactured from 100% polyester fibres without chemical binders (including 65% post-consumer recycled material).

The material is safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergic. Certified low VOC.

The Hush family is manufactured in New Zealand under a certified environmental management system.

Hush Micro flat packs for shipping in its own custom sized box, meaning it is light and compact to ship.

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