Short Tail Lite

IQ Commercial

Short Tail Pod Lite is a destination touch-down point which offers privacy for individual focused work.

The soft, upholstered walls absorb noise common in today’s open-plan office and provide shelter from both visual and acoustic distractions.

Easily installed and relocated, the pods are ideal for the agile workspace.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

1,300L x 820W x 1,250H


Available in a variety of fabrics (requires stretch and memory).

Integrated Power/data includes the base unit and an interconnect cable; starters may be required to be sourced locally. Internal routing provided; assumes floor-sourced power connection.

Standard worktops available in Melteca (LPL) with edgebanding, Plytech Futura (European Birch HPL), or Plytech Spectrum Eco (Finnish Birch HPL). Prices vary, please enquire.

SImilarly designed Short Tail Pods in a bank in Tokyo. The original range of pods includes exclusive acoustic nanofibre technology.

Short Tail Focus Pod


Light-weight MDF frame with proven and robust construction means greater durability and long life of product.

High resilience, commercial grade foam.

Sits on adjustable-height glides.

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