Keystone Entree units offer a quiet spot for collaboration at the University of Auckland.

As part of a busy workspace at the University of Auckland, these Keystone Entree Lounge units provide a quiet spot for collaboration as well as a bright pop of colour.

Those seated inside can work without distracting - or being distracted by - the rest of the floor. This is due to the nanofibre in the walls of the units which absorbs sound and dulls noise to a manageable level.

Entree Lounge is part of the Keystone family of modular furniture. Designed to be easily reconfigured, Keystone can be combined into new settings as your business needs change.

For example, these Entree Lounges used for collaboration today can reconfigure with other Keystone parts to create focused work settings tomorrow.

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Furniture consultant: WorkTools

Photography: Catherine Hugo

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