Share Pods at Wintec’s Rotokauri Campus Hub help students collaborate and focus.

Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) is one of New Zealand’s largest and leading Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics (ITPs).

Their Rotokauri campus has undergone a significant redevelopment providing larger, more vibrant, flexible and user-friendly spaces for students. Part of this development includes the extension and reconfiguration of the student Hub, the central heart of the campus.

Our Share Pods were placed in the central activity zones as areas for collaborative study and group work. Mounted screens allow access to audio-visual content. The pods utilise exclusive nanofibre technology to absorb sound and improve acoustics.

Students can happily work within the booth-like seating without adjacent social and activity areas causing them distraction.

Pods have also been placed in the library to allow for quiet focused work.


Architecture: Chow Hill

Furniture Consultant: WorkTools

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