Colosseum - an arena for collaboration and learning.

The Conference Room is Disappearing

Does it seem like the conference room in your office is always double-booked? It may be because these days conference rooms are a fast vanishing commodity. Companies don’t really want to provide enclosed spaces for employees to hide out in, recognising that collaboration is fundamental to success. Real estate is also increasingly expensive and needs to be more easily adapted for agile working.

Where can Larger Groups Collaborate?

In spite of this, many organisations still struggle to offer effective collaborative workspaces that are anything more than ad hoc and lacking in convenient location or adaptability.

Often overlooked is the need for a space that is flexible enough to accommodate larger groups in semi-formal applications. Where can you demonstrate your new product to Marketing? Or provide training on how to use its many features to the sales team?

Traditionally conference rooms are utilised for this purpose, however these can be limited in availability or hard to reserve. It can be difficult to find enough space for all attendees in the more informal collaborative spaces that are on offer. No one wants to perch on the arm of a sofa, or rest their papers on their knee to take notes.

Introducing Colosseum

Colosseum is a more generously proportioned solution which presents the concept of furniture as interior architecture. It is perfect for larger scale collaborations: One setting can seat up to 18 people, however a duo are equally at home within the interior. Discarding the walls and windows, this semi-formal setting still operates in an open plan environment, because collaboration spaces work best when they are open and readily accessible to employees, whilst still offering adequate visual and auditory privacy for sharing of information. Colosseum is designed as an arena for collaboration and learning. The design provides a setting organised around a focal point, such as a screen, table or presenter.

Colosseum Offers

Research proves that if you want your collaborative space to actually be used productively the following factors must be considered in the design:


Add or subtract more modules which link together to form a semi-permanent connection in multiple configurations.

Colosseum seats from 1 to 8 collaborators in the interior – add participants at the leaner tables on the exterior of the modules to create space for up to 10 more participants for a total of 18 people. Settings can be extended or linked together in infinite ways.

Watch a short video clip to demonstrate.


Workers need to be able to adapt the space to changing work styles. Furniture needs to be purposefully designed to be adaptive and responsive.

Colosseum’s walls contain the provision to mount a range of desking and seating options on both internal and external surfaces

Plus, there is an option to add either a large table or smaller work tables in the internal area

View Colosseum


The most popular group spaces offer connectivity to technology. Accessing technology should not detract from the need to meet quickly and share information easily.

Colosseum is designed to incorporate interior cabling within the seats and walls, with access to power and data available via Pixels.

Ergonomic Benefits

Any successful collaboration space needs to consider ergonomic effectiveness – seat heights, angles and support should combine to enable work in comfort for longer periods.

Colosseum is designed for task working with a seat height at 450mm – the seat height, depth and foam density have been carefully selected to support the body

There is an option to stand at exterior leaners rather than be seated

View Colosseum

Visual and Auditory Privacy

The best spaces offer visual and or auditory privacy – so employees feel comfortable creating or sharing content and having frank discussions, yet they must still be open and readily accessible to employees.

Colosseum’s high back provides enclosure for semi-privacy – yet people on the outside using the leaner can still see inside

The upholstered high back provides sound absorption and assists in managing sound quality

Design Style

Subtle curves allude to our design language – a softening of the blocks and lines common in other collaborative furniture options in the marketplace today. The monochromatic palette we chose for our own setting is complemented by the strong movement and texture of the Charles Parsons fabric in ‘Nougat’ – it’s not afraid to make a statement – with quilted comfort (Charles Parsons Tufty in Charcoal) providing a touch of luxury for the interior. Fabric choices on all surfaces can be used to reflect corporate culture or create a mood or theme.

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