Camber: Ahead of the Curve

Introducing Camber

Meet our latest modular soft seating range designed for productive team collaboration.

As its name suggests, Camber's soft curves wind through the open office creating inviting settings with a range of features.

Soft and Inviting

Designed as a response to the hard, heavy lines of many existing soft seating options seen in today’s workplaces, Camber counters with natural lines, flowing curves and visual lightness to create a much more inviting and inspiring team space.

Ergonomically Designed

As well as being visually inviting, Camber is also ergonomically designed for working away from your desk – with lower back support, firm foam cushioning and 450mm seat height.

Endless configurations and flexibility based around concave, convex, and straight modular units.

Access to Smart Technology

Full power integration enables immediate and easy access to power sources away from the desk – for devices, video conferencing and task lighting.

Power cables can be daisy chained within the seats and Pixel Power units available in table tops.


Acoustic screens and soft upholstery enable better sound quality by absorbing peripheral sound; Screens create a defined space.

Camber (with custom elements) at the Genesis corporate headquarters in Auckland, NZ (below).

Image: Mark Scowen

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