Focus pods for a busy coworking community

A busy coworking community

Perched on the top floor of the Cider Building, the Ponsonby BizDojo offices are a coworking community designed to give growing businesses the physical infrastructure and services they need to grow, without reducing their flexibility.

BizDojo is NZ’s largest coworking provider and runs a network of hubs throughout the country. These spaces are designed to attract the entrepreneurs, creatives and startups with a place to base their business, attend or host events, or find resources. Together they have the opportunity to connect and work more productively.

Choose the way you want to work

To operate successfully, this open plan environment requires flexibility in the work spaces available. BizDojo offers social zones for collaboration and relaxation, quiet zones for focus work, and seated vs standing desking options.

A quiet oasis in the open plan office

PLN Group’s Return Focus Pods were selected for their acoustic properties and ability to provide a comfortable zone for quiet focused work. The pods offer both visual and acoustic privacy within the open plan office environment. The inclusion of nanofibre in this pod gives it a high level of acoustic performance - shielding the user from noise.

Flexibility is essential

The free-standing unit can be placed anywhere in the office and can be moved to suit users who require flexibility in their floorplate. Internally-routed cable management facilitates power and data solutions built into the work surface, which means that those using the pods can stay connected.

Growing success

BizDojo Ponsonby incorporates the learnings the BizDojo team have taken from establishing earlier sites throughout NZ and delivers a best-in-breed solution. The result is a community of talented, curious and collaboratively minded people growing great ideas and businesses in a vibrant and productive space.

Haworth by Europlan is the national furniture partner for BizDojo and has been since 2014. They’ve provided a single source platform to deliver tailored solutions to create these spaces.


Workplace Furniture Consultants: Haworth by Europlan

Photography: Mark Scowen Photography

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