An agile new workspace for Motorola, Singapore

An agile new workspace

World tech giant, Motorola, has future proofed its Singapore office to create an agile new workspace. The office had previously been a typical 90s work environment, with high screens and cubicles. The changing nature of work meant that this more traditional layout prevented the company from embracing the multiple work styles required to make their team flexible and adaptable.

Global workplace furniture specialists Haworth worked closely with designers SCA Design to educate Motorola about the best ways to achieve their current and future needs and establish an overarching vision for the new space.

Acoustics matter

PLN Group’s Return Focus Pods provide a place for Motorola employees to perform focus work with greater privacy. The world leading nanofibre technology in the pods absorbs noise and improves acoustics. This aids concentration and leads to increased productivity for the user.

Greater comfort in the workplace

Conscious of the importance of ergonomics in today’s workplace, height adjustable surfaces and chairs with greater flex and comfort were chosen to promote wellbeing and increase productivity.

Lounge furnishings are used in the breakout areas to bring a level of residential comfort and softness. This is an increasing trend in workplace design, as designers seek to help employees feel more at home in their workplace.

Embracing multiple work styles

The new environment delivers a range of spaces for collaborative work, short meetings and open huddles. As a result of the changes, Motorola have measured an increase in the productivity of their workers.

Project outcome

The future proofing of Motorola’s new office allows them to continue to grow with ease and with minimal disruption to workers.


Interior Design: SCA Design

Workplace Furniture Consultants: Haworth Singapore

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