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Today’s agile teams come together using daily scrums to improve communications, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and highlight and promote quick decision-making. Our Scrum range is designed to assist with five engaging settings.

Scrum Isolate is a semi-private space to focus and quietly reflect in comfort in open areas between “scrums.” The high, wrap-around sides provide a level of visual and acoustic privacy. Position two isolate units together when working quietly as a pair.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

1000L x 660D x 1300H


Power/data points available in seating as required for flexible working.

Available in a variety of fabrics.


High-quality materials and premium upholstery for long-lasting durability.

Carefully crafted design detailing.

Welt-edging and crowned top seat bring a comfortable, lounge-like feel to the office.

Light-weight MDF frame.

Sits on adjustable-height glides.

Units nest for economical shipping.

About Scrums

The Scrum analogy compares high-performing, cross-functional teams to the scrum formation used by rugby teams. A daily scrum is a short meeting held each day where members work closely together to review progress, support and empower one another, and ultimately push forward towards a common goal.

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