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The Freedom to Roam

Today’s agile teams need the freedom to choose where they work based on the activity they’re performing. When they come together, they need the right tools to collaborate and communicate regardless of location.

Enter RoamTMa multi-talented, mobile multimedia hub with a range of accessories.

Roam is your most versatile team member. Reconfigure Roam to make any space into a place for collaboration. Roam has whatever you need, wherever you need it.


Roam is a mobile centre for multimedia presentations, brainstorming and planning, space definition and storage. A full range of accessories make it easy to customise for your needs.

Easy to move and manoeuvre, Roam is built for strength and stability as well as good looks.

Developed in agile work environments.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Assembly: Roam is quick and easy to assemble and flat packs for shipping.

Dimensions: 1140L x 1800H x 410D

Freight details: Roam is delivered in two boxes:

Box 1: 1155mm x 236mm x 236mm; Weight: 32.5kg

Box 2: 1695mm x 410mm x 160mm; Weight: 40kg

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Shelves and frame: 18mm Plytech Futura (European Birch HPL) - one standard and 5 premium colour options

Shelf guards and hardware: 4mm steel shelf guards and custom diecast hardware - one standard and 5 premium colour options

Powder-coated metal accessories to match.

Accessories: high quality whiteboard with self-stand, acoustic pinboard, laptop table, cable tidy, locker. Diecast powder-coated metal accessories: board hooks, planter box, hanging storage box, book ends, TV bracket.

Power: Cable tidy accessory available. Cable management slots in shelves.

Whiteboard: 4mm with anti-graffiti wrap and built-in self-stand. Stack multiple whiteboards on board hooks.

Pinboard: 4mm, made of 100% polyester fibres (including 65% post-consumer recycled material), non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic in 16 colours. Stack multiple pinboards on board hooks.

Lap top table: 18mm Plytech Futura to match shelves, 350 x 280 usable space.

TV attachment: Powder-coated metal AV Vesa mount accessory to attach a TV.

How to use Roam

Customise Roam to your needs - Move it wherever you need it, whenever you need it:

  • Communicate via a multimedia presentation,
  • Facilitate a brainstorming or planning session,
  • Create a display wall, a biophilic experience, store and display your belongings and equipment
  • A visual and acoustic screen to define, divide or shield a space
  • Group multiple units to create a wall or freestanding room.

Ideal for meeting rooms, open plan offices, reception areas, breakout areas, presentation areas

Where will you go today?


Carefully crafted design detailing.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Exceptional quality and durability: Manufactured from high quality, hard wearing Futura board with powder coated metal shelf guards and custom diecast hardware.

Stability: Castors are industrial strength and riveted to shelf guards for additional stability. Frame is built for safety and stability.

Easy to move safely and smoothly.

Quick and easy to assemble.

Flatpacks for affordable and easy shipping and storage.

5 year warranty

Full range of customise-designed accessories.

Range of colours available.

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