Roam is a new multimedia communications hub designed to give more mobility and flexibility in the workplace.

PLN has designed RoamTM- a mobile communications hub with a variety of accessories. Roam was designed to give teams more mobility and flexibility in the workplace after our studies revealed a need for a mobile centre for multimedia presentations, collaboration and planning.

Today’s agile teams need the freedom to choose where they work, based on the activity they’re performing. When they come together, they need the right tools to collaborate, regardless of location.

We studied the way organisations work and found a problem

While researching the way teams work, we found that many multimedia solutions were fixed in place - built into walls or shelving. They lacked the flexibility to be moved if needed in another location.

Those that were able to be moved were often heavy and cumbersome to manoeuvre, meaning that they tended to be left in one place. When not in use they sat around taking up valuable space.

More often these tools were not multipurpose, meaning that teams needed to source and gather individual whiteboards, pinboards and AV/TV equipment to deliver a true multimedia presentation or hold a brainstorming session.

Roam is the answer

Our solution was to design RoamTM : a completely mobile communications hub. Roam is:

  • Flexibile: move to the best space for the task: desk-side, a private meeting room, a breakout space, whatever suits and is available.
  • Fully mobile: so easy to move and manoeuvre, smooth gliding castors and a choice of ergonomic handles, light yet designed for strength and stability.
  • Multipurpose: a customised range of communication tools are available as needed, including:
    • A mount to attach TV/AV for multimedia presentations and video conferencing
    • Self-standing whiteboards for brainstorming sessions
    • Pinboards for planning and presentations

Roam has many different applications

Customise Roam to your needs - wherever you need it, whenever you need it:

  • Communicate via a multimedia presentation.
  • Facilitate a brainstorming or planning session.
  • Create a display wall, a biophilic experience, securely lock away belongings and equipment.
  • Use as a visual and acoustic screen to define, divide or shield spaces.
  • Group multiple units to create a wall or freestanding room.

Roam is ideal for open plan offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, breakout zones, presentation spaces and many more.

Designed and developed in agile work environments, Roam is streamlined in its design, with attention to detail in style and finishes.

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