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The tranquil backdrop for your busy office

Support employee wellbeing by creating tranquil workspaces where your team can work without stress and distraction. BackdropTM is an acoustic screen family which reduces distraction from noise, decreases visual interruption and improves wellbeing through natural biophilic design principles. Use Backdrop to create private zones for focus work in an open plan office or as a divider to form spaces where groups can collaborate without disturbing others.


BackdropTM is a collection of free-standing acoustic screens incorporating PhonixTM
nanofibre to reduce noise. Inspired by the landforms and native flora of New Zealand, Backdrop is available in two design families: Peak and Leaf, in a variety of lengths, heights and shapes. Easy to move and manoeuvre.

Designed and made in New Zealand by PLN Group in association with Vivid Origin.

Sound absorbing

Backdrop contains PhonixTM nanofibre woven with extremely fine fibres with incredible porosity making it exceptionally sound absorbent. This reduces the sound energy of speech to a more manageable and less distracting level. Products incorporating nanofibre are scientifically proven to help resolve the issues of noise in open spaces.


Peak: North Island: L4620 x H1700 x W24 43kg; South Island: L7410 H1700 x W24 71kg

Stewart Island: L2730 x H1450 x W24 23kg; Rahotu: L1630 x H1450 x W24 14.9kg

Taranaki: L3450 x H1450 x W24 29.5kg

Leaf: Karaka: L1120 x H1700 x W24 15kg; Kawakawa: L1770 x H1700 x W24 17.1kg

Pohutukawa: L570 x H1030 x W24 5.5kg

Create a quiet space for focus work or relaxation using the BackdropTM acoustic screens.


2 design families are available: Peak and Leaf - inspired by the New Zealand landscape.

Choose from a selection of shapes, heights and lengths: Peak has 5 screen designs; Leaf has 3 screen designs.

Each screen is available in 3 colourway options: Atmosphere, Forestry and Stone.


Superior acoustic performance with PhonixTM nanofibre inner layer to absorb sound and reduce distraction from noise.

Design mimics patterns of the natural world to provide biophilic benefits which promote wellness through connection with nature.

'Living hinges' flex to multiple positions for ease of use. Easy to move and manoeuvre.

Fabric incorporates 'Healthguard' protection against pathogens and is anti bacterial and anti fungal.

Flat pack for ease of shipping.

5 year warranty.

BackdropTM is ideal for open plan offices, reception areas, breakout zones, presentation spaces, collaboration areas and many more.

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Photography and video by Simeon Patience Photography
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