Office Home

As the workplace continues to rapidly evolve, driven on by the twin drivers of Covid and social-change, (the big resignation), businesses are looking for ways to blur the home-office divide to encourage employees to love the office space.

There’s a push to provide a home-like environment in the workplace as well as the tech and support to make homes as close to an office extension as possible. The two worlds are merging and with that comes the need to think outside of traditional office furniture and fittings and consider more residentially when redesigning or “upscoping” the working space.


The hybrid vs home vs office working debate has not yet been settled, with many bosses still not keen on releasing control of their staff and insisting on office attendance. But, with the increased fluidity of the general workforce, it makes sense to create a workspace that provides as many benefits and assets of homelife as possible.

Managers need to provide employees with an answer to the question, “Why should I come into the office anymore?”

Answer that with provision of a home-like and comfortable environment and give those workers a reason why.

The additional benefits of biophilic design – which deliver tangible productivity, attendance and creativity gains – and flexible spaces - that can work for outcome-focused businesses and differing personality types - are additional pluses that make this approach more than worthwhile.

While architects, office and urban planners and the like will be working on hard on the bigger picture of this office-home-office shift, we have many pieces of well-designed furniture and fittings that will give you the softness of home with the robust build and high performance of a commercial range.

Your Office Sofa

The Camber modular seating system offers home-style comfort in an office-friendly format. This semi-circular configuration helps create a welcoming camp-fire collaboration space and the use of the textured rug, Enterprise Laptop tables and Jelly-Bean Ottomans completes a workable, yet comfy set up.


Lounge for One

The Personal Lounge is just that. A comfy chair and a handy work top enclosed in a hug of warm, acoustic fabric. Grab a coffee, put your feet up and work through your ideas.

Personal Lounge

Sofa So Good

The essence of home life has to be the sofa. It's where so much life happens - and where many people end up working from, whether with feet up, laptop balanced on knees, or edge-perched and laptop on the coffee table. Our range of high quality sofas can bring that home feel to your office and will take the knocks of work life too.

Sofas and Soft Seating


Office lighting can be notoriously clinical, cold and univiting. Replicating a homely feel is as easy as adding a range of lighting options for tasks, mood, warmth and that biophilic touch.

The humble coffee table often sits at the centre of the home so what better piece to add to your office space. Our Camber Table is the ideal tough little cookie that sits beautfully with the Camber seating unit, or with any of our soft seeating options.

The Camber Table

Soft, Soft Seating

The Colosseum is another flexible seating system that provides larger groups with a collaborative space with the comfort of home. Its modular make-up allows various configurations and the range of fabrics we offer allows you maximum personalization.

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