Rebecca Asquith

Inspired by a nautilus seashell, the kit-set Nautilus Light rolls back into itself to mimic the complex organic form of the nautilus shell.

Available in three forms:

Natural Bamboo: A beautiful, thin slice of FSC architectural bamboo that allows the light to glow through, highlighting the grain and providing warmth to your space

Acoustic: The same bamboo construction with a layer of acoustic material attached to the outer surface. Best hung in small groups to gain the value of the acoustic material. A different pattern lighting effect that highlights the shapes of the light's biophilic construction. Available in three colours: Green, Blue or Grey.

Copper: This beautiful version is ideal for outdoor use, but looks stunning in any space. As new, the bright copper glows, even when the bulb is not lit. At night, the glow inverts and comes from the inside out. If you prefer, over time the copper will develop a natural verdigris, adding texture and colour to this most biophilic of lights. This aging process can be induced and developed in just a few days.

Parts are nested tightly together when cutting to minimise material waste.

Comes flat packed to minimise packaging materials and to reduce its size for transport.

Note: Does not come with bulb, cord or ceiling rose - although we can supply a suitable cord-set on request.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Small: 420H x 310W x 370L
Large: 500H x 360W x 445L


Two sizes: small or large.


Made from FSC architectural bamboo ply - or bamboo ply with Ecoustic Felt (EPD) for the acoustic version. The Copper version made from 0.5mm sheet copper

Ships flatpacked.

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