Good design improves productivity and wellbeing at Europlan

Design Working

Europlan are specialists in commercial furniture solutions and workplace strategy and design. They partner with clients and share knowledge and trends on modern work styles and learning environments. When designing their own Auckland headquarters they had access to best-of-breed products to meet their design brief.

The Brief

Outside of Auckland HQ, the Europlan offices are all live showrooms housed within coworking spaces. All Europlan environments need to function in a way that encourages collaboration and creativity, while still providing areas for focus work to take place away from interruptions in the open plan office.

Both current and future needs were considered in designing an environment that maximises both productivity and employee wellbeing.

Pictured is the Return Focus Pod which includes nanofibre in the pod walls to create a quieter working space. This pod can be moved around the office floor plan as needed.
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The Ability to Focus

Drawing on their years of experience advising clients, Europlan specified Hush lights above their Haworth workstations to ensure that interruptions from nearby conversation are minimalised. This creates a much quieter working environment and aids focus.

Hush is made of acoustic panels which absorb noise and reduce reverberation of sound waves off hard surfaces.

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A Future Proof Solution

The Keystone modular furniture system was selected for its ability to be flexible and scale to size as future needs change. The interchangeable pieces can be reconfigured to create new settings - whether needed for collaboration or for focus.

Nanofibre technology in the walls of Keystone absorbs sound waves and helps to create a quieter environment for those at each workstation.

Pictured is Keystone Degustation-Task. Desktops can be replaced by leaners or seating.

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Encouraging Collaboration

Keystone components are assembled in this picture to create the Keystone Private Diner for Four. Thiscollaborative seating area combines comfortable seating and upholstered walls to create an inviting space for private meetings.

The soft, upholstered walls incorporate exclusive nanofibre technology which means that those both inside and outside of the pod can work more productively, free of distraction.

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