CORE - A BEST Awards Finalist - is a table and ottoman set, designed with collaboration front of mind, but packed full of biophilic design. For home or office: your choice.

PLN Group has designed CORETM- a beautiful table and ottoman set which will look as good in the office as it will in your home.

Today’s agile teams need the freedom to choose where they work, based on the activity they’re performing. When they come together, they need the right collaboration space, regardless of location.

BEST Awards Finalist
CORE: BEST Awards - Finalist

The pandemic may be shifting into longer-term memory, but its effects will stay with us for some time.

Hybrid working requires a more flexible workplace and one where touch-down meetings - quicker, more agile gatherings - have become the norm.

Integrating collaboration into this new way of working requires a space designed for engaged, equal, and collaborative intent. A space that nurtures interpersonal relationships and sparks co-creation.

CORETM is that space.

Its circular tabletop - an ancient way to create equality, no person sitting higher than another - helps foster true collaboration.

CORE - form and function: the epitome of great design.

CORETM blends biophilic principles with functional aesthetics. It is a dynamic space that promotes touch-down collaboration in workspaces and aids togetherness in homes.

The CORETM Pip Ottomans, angled to gently encourage sitters in towards the table and their colleagues or family, highlight that this is a table for working, collaborating and communicating– it’s a lean-forward, engaged space.

Elbows ON the table please.

Biophilic Design & Acoustics

Inspired by the natural world, CORE™ uses biophilic design to transcend aesthetics. Its organic form, combined with carefully selected materials and bold floral and fractal fabrics, evokes a sense of natural beauty and tranquillity.

But the design goes further. Acoustic materials, such as SonoLayr and Ecoustic Felt, help dampen extraneous ambient noise and reverberation. Testing at the University of Auckland confirms its sound absorption properties. With CORETM, spaces become havens of focused collaboration and shared creativity.

Functionality and Sustainability:

CORE™ delivers many practical features. The 25mm plywood surface not only provides visual appeal but also ensures strength, durability, and environmental sustainability.

Clever engineering provides stability, while the hidden steel core manifests itself in the tabletop's sliding panels and ottoman handles, offering both aesthetic value and strength.

The tabletop, reminiscent of an apple's cross-section, cultivates a sense of togetherness and equality, while its biophilic curves soften its presence, adding sub-cognitive interest to any space.

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Perfect for the home too.

CORE™ may have started its story as a collaboration space for the working environment, but its sculpted form and beautiful lines work equally well in the residential space. A generous family table around which to dine, converse or just hang. A Nectar light works perfectly over the top as well.

CORE needs to be seen in the real world, so call us to arrange a viewing at your place or ours. +64 (0)9 828 4274 | [email protected]

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