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The LEAN-IN Stool

The CORE Pip stool is designed to complement the CORE range of tables, either at work or at home.

But, it's a cool piece of design in its own right and can be used wherever you need a touchdown seat that gently leans you in towards a work surface or your colleagues in a more informal setting. That lean promotes communication and thus collaboration, but it also helps good posture, ensuring your knees are slightly below your hips.

Its concave, sculpted front is designed to hug the CORE table base, but also allows your feet a little more space to move and get comfortable.

The contrasting fabric design, beautifully separated with clean stitch-lines is simply a joy to look at - and allows the use of a bold pattern without being too 'shouty'. But we're more than happy to supply your CORE Pip stool with a single fabric if you'd prefer.

10th August: Selected as a Finalist in the 2023 DINZ (Designers Institute of NZ) Best Awards

CORE Pip - Options

The CORE Pip works perfectly with our Enterprise Laptop Table to make the perfect dot-down task space.

Order together for matching steel colour options.

Or use CORE Pips as an ergonomic desk seating option. The well padded seat and lean-forward aspect make it perfect for a range of working options.

To see CORE for yourself, for more information or to order, give us a call or drop us a line. +64 (0)9 828 4274 | [email protected]

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