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CORE Table has been designed as a flexible collaboration and meeting space suitable for both informal touchdown gatherings as well as planned communication. Equally at home in work and residential spaces, its bold colour and fabric choices make it stand out without shouting its presence.

The combination of the CORE table and its accompanying CORE Pip stools creates a lean-in working environment where elbows are encouraged on its sculpted tabletop. The generous 1.5m diameter bisected top will allow up to six people comfortably but add the extension option and you have a boardroom sized meeting table, measuring 1.5m x 2.7m with space for up to 10 people.

Acoustic materials, such as SonoLayr in the base and Ecoustic Felt on the table's underside, enhance the environment by dampening extraneous ambient noise and reverberation. Testing at the University of Auckland confirms its sound absorption properties. With CORE, spaces become havens of focused collaboration and shared creativity.


CORE is available in a variety of colours and fabric combinations, making it eminently suitable for both office and home environments. Table tops can be supplied in either ply or solid wood versions.

Making it even more flexible we can supply acoustic dividers, which clip simply to the table top allowing two collaborations at a time.


The CORE Pip stools are designed to hug the base when not in use – like pips in an apple - but gently lean sitters in towards the table’s core when in use. (The table and Pip ottomans are available separately).

10th August: Selected as a Finalist in the 2023 DINZ (Designers Institute of NZ) Best Awards

With Nectar

CORE is a touch-down collaboration space in the office. The CORE Pip stools lean users in towards the conversation.

Elbows ON the table please.


CORE with soft seating, like our Camber benches, transforms into a lean-back, comfortable space for longer meetings at work or social events at home.

Add an acoustic light overhead, like our Nectar light, and your space is complete.

If you'd like to see one of these beautiful tables in person, give us a call - +64 9 828 4274 - or drop in to our showroom in Avondale. We'd love to see you.

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