What to do about distracting echoes in meeting rooms made of concrete, brick and glass?

Eastern Commercial Furniture successfully solved this problem for West Carr and Harvey's attractive new head office.

Noise reduction

One of the hidden costs of open plan offices relates to the need to provide acoustic treatment to reduce echoes and noise disturbance. This is especially necessary when the office is formed of hard surfaces such as concrete, brick and glass.

When leading accounting firm West Carr and Harvey planned their attractive new Geelong head office, they engaged Eastern Commercial Furniture (ECF) to provide an overall furniture solution that flowed between the various zones in the office.

Increasing productivity

ECF made sure to eliminate any unpleasant and distracting echoes in the meeting rooms with brick walls and concrete floors by specifying Hush acoustic lights. The sound absorbing lights also reduce sound reverberation and improve sound quality in the meeting rooms as well as adding an extra touch of design flair. Reducing noise levels in the office ensures that the team at West Carr and Harvey can work more productively.


Overall furniture fit out: Eastern Commercial Furniture

Hush acoustic lights:

Designed by PLN Group in association with David Trubridge Design Studio

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