PLN Group designs custom healthcare furniture solutions that perfectly suit your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Whether you’re looking for soft seating for reception areas or specialised furniture for offices or treatment rooms, we help you create human-centred healthcare environments that support restoration and healing.

Custom Examination beds

Custom-made examination beds were designed for the Ponsonby Specialist / Auckland Allergy Clinic. The bespoke models are easier on the eye and the body than traditional examination beds, with wooden frames and comfortable cushioning which is also hypoallergenic.

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Custom Reception Seats and Work Tables

Custom reception area seating and portable working height tables - also designed for the Ponsonby Specialist / Auckland Allergy Clinic. Fabrics used are all hypoallergenic, repel dust and dirt, and are easy to clean - an important consideration for certain types of allergies. Yet the fabric selected is still comfortable and soft to the touch. Seating was made to resuscitation standard with extra support added via foam density and webbing.

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