Keystone: A revolution in modular furniture.

A new modular furniture system

Building on the success of our acoustic pods, PLN Group has launched a new, modular furniture system which also helps manage office noise.

Keystone™ is a revolution in modular furniture systems which offers a uniquely reconfigurable system to support modern work practices. It is a significant step forward in modular furniture due to its innovative, reconfigurable design and acoustic properties.

Keystone offers a completely reconfigurable “kit of parts” – an inventory of interchangeable components.

You’ve seen modular furniture before, but this is something special.

Keystone’s innovative design is another step forward in modular furniture design. Our clever designers have worked up a completely reconfigurable “kit of parts” – an inventory of interchangeable components which can be combined and reconfigured according to your needs. It's like Lego for the office.

With patented design features and world-leading nanofibre technology it uniquely addresses some of the issues common to today’s rapidly-changing workplace:

  • Management of sound quality in open plan offices
  • Future-proofing & flexibility
  • Supporting the latest workstyles
  • Quality & durability
  • Sustainability

Manufactured with quality materials, Keystone is built to be durable and withstand frequent reconfiguration and storage. It was of the utmost importance to ensure ease of assembly and disassembly. A pair of patented custom connectors allows the units to be joined together in different ways and the shared wall system provides cost savings to clients. The entire range can be installed and reconfigured with two Allen keys and a custom wedge supplied with each system.

Low VOC, light-weight board structures reduce the weight of the components by approximately 30% compared to standard wall systems. Wall sections are as light as possible making it easier to handle and install. They also nest and ship far more efficiently.

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