This inviting breakout space at an energy company based in Wellington, NZ, uses Camber soft seating to combine colours that radiate energy and warmth.

Camber soft seating at an energy company

Colour, curves and comfort

The team from Shape Commercial with furniture consultant WorkTools used the Camber modular soft seating system to create a unique and comfortable space in which employees of this energy company could communicate and collaborate.

The soft curved lines of Camber lend this space a more residential style and the low Camber Coffee Table and Jelly Bean Ottoman seats bring a relaxed vibe.

The ergonomic design of Camber supports the body to ensure that even long meetings are comfortable. The Enterprise Laptop Tables can be pulled in close to the user to provide an ergonomic work table.

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Users can slide and lock the individually-mastered pieces together for endless configurations that create flexibility based around the concave, convex and straight modular units.

Power/Data integration is available and hidden power cables can be daisy chained within the seats.

Shape Commercial have designed the perfect multi-purpose space - for breakout work, a presentation zone, or a relaxing timeout spot.


Workspace consultants: Shape Commercial

Furniture consultants: WorkTools

Fabric: Warwick: Ashcroft in Purple and in Scarlett, Warwick: Gilo in Flamingo

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