Office pods improve concentration by offering a place to focus at this Wellington-based corporation.

Office pods provide options for different working styles

Although offices with an open floor plan encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, they also expose workers to a multitude of distractions. This can decrease productivity and cause stress for workers.

A Wellington-based corporation was looking for a solution for their open office environment that would allow their team to work in a more agile way - moving between focus and collaborative work as needed.

Office pods are an ideal solution and our partner, workspace strategy and design specialists Europlan, recommended the Return Focus Pod (Lite).

A place to focus in the open office

The nine Return Focus Pods in the corporate office space provide a place for workers to touch down for a period of focus work. These are frequently used by people based at work stations who sometimes need a more private space where they can concentrate without interruption.

The high sides of the office pods offer the necessary visual privacy, while the soft upholstered sides assist in absorbing sound waves and reducing noise. The pods are easily moved around the office as required, making them a flexible and versatile solution as user needs and office layouts change.


Workspace Design: Europlan

Office Pods: PLN Group

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