Thought leadership session by Veldhoen + Company.

"Treat me like a Child"

Great thought leadership session and discussion today led by Zak Hogg from Veldhoen + Company on “Treat me like a Child. Leading millennials and your inner child”.

These sessions are superb opportunities for small intimate group discussions and for attendees to bring their own, unique questions and discuss them in an intimate space with a true expert in the field.

This session had particularly engaging discussion afterwards and some great questions on the practical side of creating successful workplaces for millennials.

Valuable insights: leading millennials effectively comes down to good leadership that adapts to the individual, rather than the age group.

“Organisations need to think not “how do we work in this building?” but “how do we make this building work for us?” How can our space become a strategic enabler to help our individuals show up as more complete & whole human beings? How does it help our teams form & disband as they respond to the changing complexities of the working world? And how does it enable our leaders to lead, not merely manage the people in their care?” says Zak.

Velhoen + Company is THE global market leader in Activity Based Working. Having already worked on several high-profile projects in New Zealand (including Fonterra and ASB, North Wharf), the company brings unparalleled expertise in developing and implementing new ways of working for top organisations across the globe.

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