Neocon 2017

Every year in June the commercial design industry turns its eyes to Chicago where Neocon, one of the world’s premier tradeshows, is held. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of workplace experts in the world, who identify trends that will affect the workplace.

On Blair's last day visiting NeoCon 2017 it was a good time to reflect on emerging trends:

  1. Softening of workspaces is not simply adding soft materials. The lines of pieces are now more organic and natural. We at PLN Group would describe this as “nurtured by nature”.
  2. Colours too are softening with more earthen tones and only splashes of bold colours to liven spaces.
  3. Obvious are the growing amount of products that require the skill of craftsmen not easily replicated in an automated facility.

Overall, work is increasingly demanding of our time and energy. To keep us productive we need to re-energise through natural, beautiful and real design... To be nurtured by nature..

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