Craft - an art, a technique, a calling.

The definition of craft

Craft may be defined as the skills involved in carrying out your work – an art, a technique, a calling.

Since the 1970s when our company began our team has used craft in the original sense of the word: our work is literally touched and created by hand.

However, craft doesn’t always have to use processes and skills from the past. Craftspeople are always in search of the best tools and methods of the time to achieve their vision. Technology is one of these tools.

Fusing art with technology

Technological advances have made it possible for us to craft in ways that were never previously imagined.

The craftspeople in our factory still use their hands to shape, sew and upholster our furniture. Our designers still start with the page – sketching out their ideas in a visual form.

Sometimes they fuse art with technology using advanced software to bring their ideas to life - whether through a 3D printer, CNC machine or hand-made prototype in our workshop.

Craft is a way of thinking

Times may change. What remains the same is the original thought, discipline and skill that goes into these processes. Our process of Think - Solve - Craft is a backlash against mass production which lacks considered design or innovation.

Craft is alive and thriving at PLN as we complete each high quality, original product and solution. Craft is more than a way of working – it is a way of thinking.

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