Hush Oval provides an acoustic lighting solution in this open plan architecture studio.

The challenge

Design studio, Context Architects, described themselves as "a demanding client" when they renovated their new Christchurch studio in a converted 1960s rubber factory. As well as looking great, the design also needed to foster creativity and collaboration.

Dealing with noise reflection

The open, airy space provided an opportunity for a contemporary, sleek design. The designers chose Hush Oval with its soft acoustic panels to balance out the noise reflection from the hard surfaces in the fit-out. Controlling the sound quality in this way allows the Context team to enjoy a calm, productive workplace.

The use of Hush as an acoustic treatment also allows a breakout/meeting setting to be positioned nearby to an area where team members work individually at their desks. Hush is scientifically proven to absorb excess speech noise, creating a more comfortable work environment.

Try before you buy with virtual reality

Part of the success of the space is attributed to the innovative use of virtual reality (VR design). Using VR walk-throughs the design team were able to get a feel for how the large, 2-meter long lighting fixture would look in the space.

"We chose a Hush Oval light for the conference table for its look and functionality. With a little digital magic we were able to test how it would feel to sit at the table - sharp, gently energised, before we hit the 'buy' button.

Interiors: Context Architects (a nationwide design studio with offices in both Auckland and Christchurch)
Photography: Damon Photography

About Hush Oval

Hush Oval, with its soft acoustic panels, balances out the negative noise effects of the hard surfaces in today's contemporary offices.

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