PLN is evolving. Staying faithful to our research-led design ethos, but developing how we do what we do.

A new look

PLN is moving on with an evolved brand look and feel. The new logo and brand has been pared back to signal our shift in focus to a more design-led organisation - keeping things simple, whilst using our decades of knowledge and experience and still retaining our purposeful and research-led design ethos.

With the assistance of our new Creative Director, Lucas Wotawa, we're also adding a new layer of design creds to our team.

Lucas is an experienced furniture and product designer who creates items that are simple and considered. His thorough design process leads to discovering objects that are useful, relevant and desired for everyday living. With a pragmatic foundation and broad understanding of materials and manufacturing, Lucas finds solutions that achieve longevity by ignoring trends in favour of timeless designs.

Lucas' designs include the elegant Wednesday Chair & Stool as well as the highly comfortable and versatile District Sofa, variants of which can be seen in spaces around New Zealand.

Watch this space as our evolution spreads across the brand