Is Christmas magical because it's biophilic, or is it biophilic, just because it's Christmas?

I mean, when you think about it, Christmas is the most biophilic of all the seasons. We put a tree in our living rooms. A literal tree. It doesn’t get much more biophilic than that – whether it’s a real tree or a fake one (a natural analogue). And then we go further, naturalistically draping decorations all around the house – natural forms and fractal forms.

Biophilic Christmas - hyggelig


But more than that, whichever hemisphere we’re in, things tend to get cosy at Christmas. We bring nature indoors certainly, but that process is surely about creating a cosiness, a family space, an inward-looking focus. It’s about protection and refuge – itself a key facet of “nature of the space”. If you’re Danish, then it’s the epitome of hyggelig, that undefinable quality those wise, crazy Scandis love so much.



And then there’s presents. Again, in “nature of the space”, mystery is a main element. Sitting under the tree for days, wrapped in fractal-patterned paper, these amorphous shapes are the ultimate mystery to any child – or childlike person of any age.

Biophilic Christmas - Out in Nature

Circadian Rhythms

But Christmas is so much more than the physical aspects, it’s about feelings. We slow down at this time of year, far more in tune with the rhythms of nature. And we tend to get out in nature far more too. In the southern hemisphere it’s to the beach or lake or river and in the northern hemisphere, wrapped up warm, we walk with family and friends across fields, down lanes, through woodlands, and the colder the better.

It's beginning to look a lot like biophilia...

Consider how happy and content you generally feel at this time of year. It’s not because Christmas has so many biophilic characteristics – necessarily - but the facts are that at Christmas we strive to get closer to nature, by bringing it inside and spending more time outside – and we feel good. There has to be a connection, right?

Happy Christmas all

Merry Christmas from all of us at PLN to all of you. Have a wonderful holiday break, wherever in the world you are ... Meri Kirihimete | Joyeux Noël | Frohe Weihnachten | Feliz Navidad | Buon Natale | God Jul | Geseënde Kersfees | عِيد مِيلَاد مَجِيد‎ | 聖誕快樂 | メリークリスマス