David Haig

The Monogram Rocking Chair is a design classic and an exquisite work of art. Its interconnected curves create a supple, strong and elegant support for the human body.

Each part is painstakingly handcrafted using favourite hand tools such as a Japanese whittling knife and a spoke-shave, which allows for rougher and finer shaping to take place.

Using the steam bending process, David Haig produces up to ten Monogram Rocking Chairs each year.

Ergonomics were carefully considered and the chair is both comfortable and well balanced, with a slight springiness and full lower back (lumbar) support.

Designed and made in New Zealand.

850L x 580W x 1150H

Spec Sheet


Available in English Walnut, American Walnut, or English Sycamore wood.

Ships in custom-made crate.

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