New Hush light colours and biophilia

Who knew that the colours surrounding us as we work could have an effect on our sense of wellbeing? The ability of colour to influence our mood and inspire and motivate us, has its own branch of science, known as colour theory. The impact of colour theory on our workplace is currently intriguing workspace designers.

Colours that invoke the natural world outside of the four walls of the office are growing in popularity. Green is not only the shade of lush foliage, but also the most restful colour for the human eye. This trend towards biophilia - the innate tendency of humans to seek connections with nature - is making its way from residential to commercial design as the benefits to our mental and physical health are becoming clear. The role of colour in biophilia is to reinforce the sense of harmony, tranquility and inner peace that is so often at odds with the hustle and bustle of the business world.

With this in mind, we're excited to introduce two new colours to the selection currently available for the Hush acoustic light family. You can now choose from sixteen colours.

Introducing the new shades: Tree House and Rosada.

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